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Please register your details below to ensure that we are able to provide you with support for your new Aristone pool interior. We will then have a record of your pool’s installation details and be able to effectively assist you should you have any questions.

If you wish, we will also send you 6 monthly reminders when your pool is due for an important Cal-Stop treatment.

Regular Cal-Stop treatments prevent calcium build up and are a simple and effective way to ensure your pool remains looking vibrant all year round!

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River Sands Pty. Ltd. (ABN 009 919 215) warranty for the product known as Aristone Pool Render complies with the requirements of the Trade Practices Act 1974 – Statutory Warranties.

River Sands Pty. Ltd. warrants that for a period of seven years following installation, Aristone Pool Render: Is of Merchantable Quality: The product will be of a level of quality and performance that is reasonable to expect having regard to its price and the way it is described.

Corresponds to the descriptions and samples: All Aristone samples are made from actual material. Aristone is applied by hand under varying conditions, therefore pool colours may vary depending on site conditions, surrounding colours, cloud cover and depth of water.

Is fit for purpose: For use below the pool’s coping or water line where water balance is maintained in accordance with the Australian Standard 3633 (1989) – “Private Swimming Pools – Water Quality.”

Is free from defects: There are no hidden defects that affect the merchantable quality of the goods. The product contains a pre-mix of high quality quartz sand, cement, additives, ceramically coated quartz or glass beads. As the finish contains natural aggregates, it may contain trace amounts of black, pink and orange particles.

The scope of this Warranty is limited to replacement of defective product. It does not extend to collateral damage of any kind.

River Sands Pty. Ltd. are only the manufacturer of this product. We recommend that this product be professionally applied within six months of packing by experienced pool interior applicators. The manufacturer cannot and will not be held responsible for application faults. Damage caused by the addition of other materials, movement in the concrete shell or incorrect water balance is out of the control of River Sands and therefore is not covered by this warranty.

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