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Aristone Classic is a natural looking, white cement base with brilliant flecks of coloured stone that add sparkle and vibrancy to pool interiors. Silky smooth and gentle on feet, an Aristone Classic pool is sensible as well as gorgeous. No need to go to the expense of tiles! The white background of Aristone Classic enhances pool colour to produce a crisp, inviting interior.

Aristone Classic Brilliant Blue is low maintenance, colour fast and amazingly durable, so you’ll enjoy a brighter, cleaner looking pool for years to come.

The colour in Aristone is made from ceramically fired stone particles which resist bleeding or fading – even when exposed to harsh sunlight, strong pool chemicals and acid washings.

Please note that due to computer variations, the colour of the water in the pools depicted may be different to the end result. Sunlight and pool surrounds also influence colour appearance. As a result, please regard these images as a guide to pool water colour rather than an accurate representation. We know you will love your colour regardless!

Aristone Classic Range

Aristone Classic Crisp White

Aristone Classic Crisp Blue

Aristone Classic Brilliant Blue

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